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    Asian Student Asks AI For A ‘Professional’ Pic For LinkedIn: What the Tool Gave...

    An Asian MIT graduate was left shocked after she asked Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a professional portrait of herself for her LinkedIn profile. According...
    AI Safety Forum

    OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, and Anthropic Come Together to Form AI Safety Forum

    The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led to significant advancements and opportunities in various sectors, but it also brings substantial security risks. To...
    custom chatbot using Poe AI

    How to Use Poe AI Chatbot to Create a Custom Bot

    Are you looking to enhance user engagement on your website or platform? One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by integrating...

    OpenAI Quietly Shuts Down Flawed AI Detector

    OpenAI has recently announced the discontinuation of its AI classifier tool, which aimed to differentiate between human and AI-generated writing. The decision came due...
    AI Boom

    Amid AI Boom: Google, Microsoft Announce Better-Than-Expected Earnings

    Tech titans Google and Microsoft announced better-than-expected earnings on Tuesday as the frenzy over artificial intelligence stokes investor excitement and breathes a new life...
    how to download ChatGPT

    ChatGPT is live on Google Play Store. Know how to download ChatGPT

    Exciting news for Android users! OpenAI has released ChatGPT, their highly sought-after AI chatbot, on the Google Play Store. At present, it is accessible...
    Sonata Software Launches Generative AI Platform

    Sonata Software Launches Generative AI Platform Harmoni.AI

    IT services firm Sonata Software has announced the launch of Harmoni.AI- its generative AI platform offering a bouquet of industry solutions, service delivery platforms,...
    Sam Altman launches Worldcoin

    OpenAI’s Sam Altman launches Worldcoin crypto project

    On July 24, Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency project founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, was launched. The main feature of the project is its World ID,...
    Google Assistant

    Google Assistant will soon use generative AI to summarise web pages for you

    According to reports from 9to5Google, the latest beta release of the Google app indicates that Google Assistant is poised to include a generative AI...

    Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadella seal the AI deal with an Instagram pic

    Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday that the company is partnering with Microsoft to introduce the next generation of its AI large language model and making...