Google Assistant will soon use generative AI to summarise web pages for you

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    According to reports from 9to5Google, the latest beta release of the Google app indicates that Google Assistant is poised to include a generative AI feature for creating web page summaries. Though not fully functional yet, users will potentially be able to request a summary through a simple voice command when browsing in Chrome or launching a Custom Tab webpage. However, the current beta version prompts an error message when attempting to use this feature.

    In beta version 14.29 of the Google app, evidence of this upcoming capability was discovered. Google Assistant already offers an accessibility feature that reads web pages aloud in over 42 languages. With the addition of generative AI, users might be able to say, “Hey Google, summarize this” to quickly obtain the key points of a webpage. Alternatively, a “Summarize” button could appear when activating Assistant using the “Hey Google” hotword while browsing the internet, alongside options like “Lens” and “Read.”

    It’s worth noting that, at present, this feature seems to exclusively support web pages opened in Google Chrome or through a Custom Tab linked to Chrome. Despite its current inoperability, it’s speculated that once publicly launched, this feature might be limited to Google’s Pixel phones. In the past, Google has already introduced AI-powered summarization features in Google Docs and Gmail, enabling the summarization of lengthy email threads.

    While the Assistant’s web page summarization tool has the potential to greatly aid accessibility, concerns persist regarding the reliability of content generated by generative AI. Despite these potential issues, this new feature could be a valuable addition to Google Assistant’s repertoire of capabilities.

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