Truecaller launches AI-powered assistant that can take calls on your behalf, filter spam

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    Truecaller has introduced its AI-powered Assistant in India, which offers a unique feature of answering calls on behalf of the receiver while continuing to filter out spam calls.

    In a blog post on July 19, Truecaller highlighted that in India, answering every call is culturally significant, and missed calls can lead to missed opportunities for busy individuals, such as potential business connections or job offers. To address this, Truecaller Assistant steps in to provide a new way of managing incoming calls.

    Truecaller’s AI-powered Assistant for India (Image courtesy: Truecaller)

    The Assistant, described as a ‘one-of-a-kind’ premium service, goes beyond Truecaller’s Caller ID feature by not only identifying incoming calls but also engaging with the callers on the other end.

    To use the Assistant, users need to have the Truecaller app installed on their Android devices. If they already have the app, they can start using the Assistant immediately. Otherwise, they need to download the app, activate it, and then access the Assistant.

    When a call comes in, users can simply tap on ‘Assistant’ to let it take over. If the user is away from the phone, the Assistant will answer the call automatically after a few rings.

    The Assistant employs advanced speech-to-text technology to identify the caller’s identity and the purpose of the call. It provides real-time details to the receiver, allowing them to decide whether to answer the call or not.

    The features of Truecaller Assistant include a choice of five different voices (male and female), speech-to-text conversion for easy reading of the caller’s message, support for English, Hindi, and multiple regional languages, call screening recording for future reference, and the ability to customize the greeting the Assistant conveys to unknown callers.

    Overall, Truecaller’s AI-powered Assistant aims to offer a convenient and efficient way to manage calls while keeping unwanted spam calls at bay


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