Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadella seal the AI deal with an Instagram pic

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    Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday that the company is partnering with Microsoft to introduce the next generation of its AI large language model and making the technology, known as Llama 2, free for research and commercial use.

    Zuckerberg posed with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella for a power-packed Instagram picture while announcing the deal. “Today, we’re open sourcing Llama 2 with our preferred partner @microsoft. This gives researchers and businesses access to build with our next generation large language model as the foundation of their work. Grateful to Satya and our teams for making this happen,” he wrote.

    The Instagram picture shows the two Silicon Valley heavyweights dressed in blue and smiling for the camera.

    Much like tech peers Google and Microsoft, Meta has long had a big research team of computer scientists devoted to advancing AI technology. But it’s been overshadowed as the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT sparked a rush to profit off of ‘generative AI’ tools that can create new prose, images and other media.



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