ChatGPT coming to Android devices next week

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    OpenAI, led by CEO Sam Altman, has announced the upcoming launch of its highly-popular AI chatbot, ChatGPT, for Android users. This release follows the successful launch of the free iOS app a few months ago, which brought ChatGPT to iPhones.

    The Android version of the ChatGPT app has been designed to offer a similar experience to its iOS counterpart. Users can seamlessly sync their conversations and preferences across multiple devices, ensuring a smooth and continuous interaction with the AI chatbot.

    While OpenAI hasn’t revealed the exact timeline for the Android rollout, it is expected to first focus on users in the United States before expanding to other countries worldwide.

    Users eager to access the ChatGPT app for Android can register their interest in advance. By selecting the “pre-register” option on the Google Play Store, they will receive a notification as soon as the app becomes available. OpenAI announced this news in a tweet, stating that the app will roll out to users the following week.

    OpenAI is also introducing a new feature called “customized instructions” for ChatGPT. This empowers users to provide specific instructions and information to the AI chatbot, which will be stored for future conversations. Currently in Beta and exclusively available for Plus plan users, the company plans to make this feature accessible to all users soon. It offers a personalized touch to interactions with ChatGPT, enhancing the overall user experience.

    An important advantage of this new feature is that users can modify or remove their custom instructions at any time, giving them greater control over their interactions with ChatGPT and enabling a more tailored and adaptable experience.

    In a recent update to the iOS version of ChatGPT, OpenAI introduced Bing integration exclusively for Plus plan users. This enhancement allows users to access Bing search results directly within the app, expanding the chatbot’s capabilities and streamlining the process of obtaining information.

    Moreover, OpenAI has made significant improvements to the history search feature with the latest update. This enhancement enables users to easily access past conversations and interactions with the chatbot, making it more convenient and efficient to continue ongoing discussions.


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