Elon Musk announces a new AI company, xAI

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    Elon Musk made an announcement on Wednesday regarding the establishment of a new artificial intelligence (AI) company. This move comes after several months of hinting at plans to create a competitor to ChatGPT.

    The company, named xAI, has revealed its website and introduced a team of around twelve employees. Musk himself will lead the company, as mentioned on the website, and they will collaborate closely with X (Twitter), Tesla, and other companies to make advancements towards their mission.

    xAI’s stated objective, as per the website, is to comprehend the fundamental essence of the universe, which echoes Musk’s previous expressions when describing his AI aspirations.

    While Musk initially supported OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, he later criticized the company for implementing safeguards designed to prevent the chatbot from generating biased or sexist responses.

    In December, Musk tweeted his concerns about training AI to be “woke” or deceitful, stating that it could have dire consequences. This was in response to a Twitter user inquiring whether it was possible to disable the “woke settings” on ChatGPT, addressing OpenAI’s CEO.

    During an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson in April, Musk hinted at his plans for a new AI venture. He referred to it as TruthGPT, describing it as an AI focused on seeking maximum truth and understanding of the universe.

    Musk’s announcement of the new company follows his previous warning in an interview, where he expressed fears of AI causing “civilization destruction.” He also joined other tech leaders in calling for a temporary halt to the “out of control” AI race.

    Additional information about xAI’s mission is currently limited, but the website indicates active recruitment efforts. It should be noted that, as of now, all the staff members featured on the website are male.


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