Wipro launches ai360 in India, to invest $1 billion in 3 years; all 2,50,000 employees to be AI-trained

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    Wipro has recently launched a groundbreaking initiative known as Wipro ai360, aimed at seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into every aspect of the company’s operations and client offerings. In a bold commitment, Wipro has also pledged to invest $1 billion over the next three years to advance its AI capabilities.

    The core focus of Wipro ai360 is to establish an innovation ecosystem centered around responsible AI practices. This initiative combines Wipro’s extensive expertise in data analytics and AI with its technology and advisory services. The primary objectives include expanding AI, data, and analytics solutions, fostering new research and platforms, and enhancing cloud and consulting capabilities.

    Recognizing the importance of equipping its workforce, Wipro plans to provide comprehensive AI training to all its 250,000 employees. The training will ensure that each employee gains a foundational understanding of AI technology and learns to utilize it responsibly. Wipro will develop a curriculum to guide employees through their AI journey and will provide ongoing training for those in specialized AI roles. Additionally, Wipro plans to support AI-focused startups through investments and a seed accelerator program.

    The $1 billion investment will significantly strengthen Wipro’s AI, data, and analytics capabilities, as well as its FullStride Cloud and consulting services. By embracing AI, Wipro aims to adapt to changing landscapes, unlock new value, and seize commercial opportunities.

    Wipro’s ai360 initiative is driven by the belief that AI is a rapidly evolving field with immense potential to transform industries. By incorporating responsible AI practices and empowering its workforce, Wipro strives to be at the forefront of the AI-driven future.

    According to Thierry Delaporte, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Wipro Limited, “Artificial Intelligence is a fast-moving field, especially with the emergence of generative AI. We anticipate a significant paradigm shift across all industries, bringing new business models, work methods, and challenges. That’s precisely why Wipro’s ai360 ecosystem places responsible AI operations at the core of our AI endeavors. We aim to empower our talented workforce and make AI an integral part of our operations, processes, and client solutions. We are fully prepared for the AI-driven future!

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