Lisa, Odisha’s First AI News Anchor Is Touted To Transform TV Presentation

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    Lisa, Odisha’s First AI News Anchor: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly, gradually, and surely overshadowing natural aptitude and brain power. In fact, now any news related to AI does not surprise us. Still, more and more entities share their experiences with this marvel of technology.

    In the latest, Odisha TV or OTV, an Odia Indian Cable Television station on Sunday introduced Lisa to the world. Lisa is OTV and Odisha’s first AI news anchor.

    The video is shared on Twitter by OTV @otvnews with the caption: “Meet Lisa, OTV and Odisha’s first AI news anchor set to revolutionize TV Broadcasting & Journalism #AIAnchorLisa #Lisa #Odisha #OTVNews #OTVAnchorLisa”.

    OTV further tweeted: “OTV’s AI news anchor Lisa has the capability to speak in multiple languages. She will seamlessly present news in Odia apart from English for OTV and its digital platforms.”

    OTV Digital Business Head Litisha Mangat Panda while talking to the media said, “Training Lisa in Odia was a huge task, which we could achieve. However, we are still working on it. We are hoping to get her trained to the level in which she could interact with others easily.”

    OTV is owned by Bhubaneswar-based Odisha Television Network started and promoted by Jagi Mangat Panda. Odisha Television is the first private Electronic Media in the state of Odisha.

    It was launched in 1997 in the twin cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack after which it slowly spread to all major towns of the state. It was converted from cable to a satellite channel in December 2006.


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