TCS upskill 25000 engineers on Microsoft’s Azure Open AI

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    Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), an Indian IT company, announced plans to train 25,000 engineers and obtain certifications in Microsoft’s Azure Open AI. TCS also introduced its Generative AI Enterprise Adoption offering, aiming to capitalize on the rapidly expanding artificial intelligence field.

    Siva Ganesan, Head of Microsoft Business Unit at TCS, highlighted the transformative potential of Generative AI for revenue growth, innovation, and productivity improvement. TCS’s Generative AI Enterprise Adoption enables joint customers to unlock growth opportunities and embark on an innovation journey with AI expertise and Microsoft Cloud knowledge.

    TCS currently has over 50,000 AI-trained associates and holds a Partner Designation in Data and AI from Microsoft. As a member of Microsoft’s AI Council, TCS has also obtained specializations in AI, machine learning on Azure, and analytics on Azure.

    Kelly Rogan, CVP, Global System Integrators and Advisory Partners at Microsoft, emphasized that TCS’ Generative AI Enterprise Adoption on Azure empowers customers to leverage generative AI’s power for accelerated innovation and business growth.

    Through its proprietary transformation framework, TCS’ Generative AI Enterprise Adoption offering combines contextual knowledge and Azure Open AI expertise to help clients improve customer experience, launch new business models, increase revenue, and enhance productivity. TCS collaborates with client teams to ideate AI-led solutions, develop proofs of concept, create solution roadmaps, gather feedback, train models, establish guardrails, and deploy solutions.

    Additionally, TCS assists clients in accelerating software development and improving programmer productivity through advisory services, foundational set-up, and rollout services for GitHub Copilot. This generative AI tool, built on Azure OpenAI’s language models, enables programmers to develop code faster and with less effort.

    While supporting clients in adopting generative AI with Azure Open AI, TCS is also enhancing its own suite of products and platforms to leverage this innovative technology.

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