Facebook owner Meta to launch Twitter-like ‘Threads’ app

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    Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has unveiled its latest app, Threads, aiming to directly compete with Twitter by providing a platform for real-time online conversations. The app is set to launch on Thursday, as indicated by its listing in the App Store. “Threads is where communities come together to discuss everything from the topics you care about today to what’ll be trending tomorrow,” says the app’s description on the store

    Threads is positioned as a space where communities gather to discuss a wide range of topics, from current interests to upcoming trends. The description highlights the ability to follow and connect with favorite creators and individuals who share similar interests. Users can also cultivate their own loyal following, sharing ideas, opinions, and creativity with the world.

    Meta’s move to introduce Threads comes amidst recent turmoil at Twitter. The platform experienced an outage over the weekend, followed by an announcement imposing temporary limits on tweet consumption for users of the app. Twitter’s billionaire owner, Musk, stated that these restrictions were implemented to combat excessive data scraping and system manipulation.

    In response to the Threads launch, Musk tweeted on Monday, sarcastically stating, “Thank goodness they’re so sanely run,” apparently in reference to reported comments from Meta executives that subtly criticized Musk’s unpredictable behavior.

    Since taking Twitter private, Musk has made significant changes to the social media platform, which have alienated advertisers and some high-profile users. Now, he is exploring ways to revitalize Twitter’s growth. Recently, Twitter announced its plans to introduce a paid subscription model for TweetDeck, a tool that enables users to organize and monitor the accounts they follow more effectively.

    Meanwhile, Twitter is also encroaching on Meta’s territory. In May, it introduced encrypted messaging and announced upcoming voice calling features, positioning itself to compete with Meta’s Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

    The rivalry between Musk and Zuckerberg may extend beyond business and into the realm of combat. Last month, the two discussed the possibility of a cage fight, with the Las Vegas arena hosting the Ultimate Fighting Championship emerging as a potential venue for their showdown.

    Threads is set to disrupt the real-time conversation space dominated by Twitter, intensifying the competition between Meta and Twitter while offering users a new platform to engage with like-minded individuals and build meaningful connections.


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