Databricks acquires LLM pioneer MosaicML for $1.3B

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    Databricks, a leading provider of unified Data and AI platforms, has announced its definitive agreement to acquire MosaicML, a trailblazer in large language models (LLMs). This strategic move is set to revolutionize the accessibility of generative AI for organizations of all sizes, enabling them to develop, possess, and protect their own generative AI models using their proprietary data.

    The acquisition, valued at approximately $1.3 billion, inclusive of retention packages, highlights Databricks’ unwavering commitment to democratizing AI and solidifying its Lakehouse platform as a premier environment for building generative AI and LLMs.

    MosaicML, renowned for its cutting-edge MPT large language models, has garnered widespread acclaim, with millions of downloads for MPT-7B and the recent release of MPT-30B. By leveraging their own data, organizations have witnessed the speed and cost-effectiveness with which they can construct and train state-of-the-art models using the MosaicML platform. Esteemed customers such as AI2, Generally Intelligent, Hippocratic AI, Replit, and Scatter Labs have successfully utilized MosaicML for diverse generative AI applications.

    The primary objective of this acquisition is to empower organizations with a streamlined and expedited approach to developing, owning, and securing their models. By combining Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform capabilities with MosaicML’s cutting-edge technology, customers can retain control, security, and ownership of their invaluable data without incurring exorbitant costs.

    Notably, MosaicML’s automatic optimization of model training enables 2x-7x faster training compared to traditional approaches, while near-linear resource scaling allows for training multi-billion-parameter models within hours. As a result, Databricks and MosaicML aim to significantly reduce the cost of training and utilizing LLMs from millions to thousands of dollars.

    The integration of Databricks’ unified Data and AI platform with MosaicML’s generative AI training capabilities will result in a robust and flexible platform capable of serving large organizations and addressing a wide range of AI use cases.

    Upon completion of the transaction, the entire MosaicML team, including its esteemed research team, is expected to join Databricks. These machine learning and neural network experts are at the forefront of AI research, continually striving to enhance model training efficiency. Their contributions to popular open-source foundational models, such as MPT-30B, as well as the training algorithms powering MosaicML’s products, have solidified their reputation in the industry.

    The MosaicML platform will be progressively supported, scaled, and integrated into Databricks’ offerings, providing customers with a seamless unified platform where they can build, own, and secure their generative AI models. This partnership between Databricks and MosaicML empowers customers with the freedom to construct their own models, train them using their unique data, and develop differentiating intellectual property for their businesses.

    The completion of the proposed acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory clearances. Once finalized, this acquisition is poised to shape the future of generative AI, enabling organizations to unlock the full potential of their data and drive innovation in the AI landscape.

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