Woman reveals she was fired by company for using ChatGPT-like AI tool to write content

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    For a long time, experts have claimed that AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and others would replace content writers’ jobs. While this concern holds some truth, it is important to note that AI tools always require human assistance to guide them. Interestingly, some writers are already utilizing AI tools to improve their writing, without any intention of plagiarizing. However, it is worth mentioning that some of these writers have lost their jobs when their employers discovered their use of AI tools in their content creation process.

    Tina Sendin, who works in marketing and does freelance writing on the side, shared her experience of using AI to assist with her workload on Business Insider. She had taken on a three-month project from a long-term client that involved writing numerous how-to guides and articles. Unable to handle the workload alone, she turned to AI as a solution.

    She used a tool called to generate up to 20 articles per month. had pre-built templates and various features that helped her overcome writer’s block and quickly produce long-form articles. She would let the AI tool write most of the content and only make minimal edits herself.
    However, her client eventually discovered that the articles were AI-generated when they used an AI-content detector. As a result, they terminated their agreement and paid her less than the original fee.

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    This incident made her realize that AI should be viewed as a tool, not a replacement for human effort. She acknowledged that she should have communicated her use of AI with her client from the beginning.
    Having learned from this experience, she now approaches AI differently in her work. When engaging with new clients, she discusses the use of AI-writing tools and respects their preferences. She uses AI to enhance her draft rather than relying on it entirely. After drafting an article, she utilizes AI tools to improve and maintain the client’s desired tone of voice.

    She also finds AI useful for generating ideas on sources, statistics, and condensing large volumes of text. However, she treats the AI’s output as suggestions and always fact-checks the information. The woman notes that AI has significantly reduced her writing time, allowing her to take on more assignments. Furthermore, she believes that clear and specific prompts lead to better AI outputs.

    Despite her initial concerns and losing a client due to AI, she now sees it as a valuable tool that can improve her writing and save time. She emphasizes the importance of understanding and using AI deliberately. The woman acknowledges that AI is still in its early stages, but she believes that early adopters of new technology often reap rewards. She will continue to learn and adapt to AI to enhance her workflow and optimize her work.

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