Future Of Hiring: 40% Companies May Use AI For Interviews Soon

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    The emergence of artificial intelligence chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard has led to a rise in companies who say they expect to use new AI tools to conduct interviews and “speak with” job candidates in the near future according to fresh data.

    A recent survey conducted by Resume Builder found only 10% of companies currently uses AI interviews for prospective workers, but 43% plan on utilizing the bots in their hiring practices by next year or are using them already.

    Roughly 4 in 10 companies plan on utilizing AI interviews for prospective job candidates by next year, according to a new survey. (iStock / iStock)

    Of the four in ten companies that are using or plan to implement AI interviews, two-thirds said they believe the practice will improve hiring efficiency and more than half expect AI to eventually replace human hiring managers.

    But companies are not ready to hand the reins completely over the robots, yet. Some 80% said AI interviews are more likely to screen out qualified candidates, and only 15% said AI would be used to make decisions on candidates without any human input.

    Stacie Haller, Resume Builder’s chief career advisor, agrees that AI tools can be biased and says managers need to be aware of those risks. 

    The vast majority of hiring managers, 80%, believe AI increases the risk of screening out qualified candidates according to a recent Resume Builder survey. (iStock / iStock)

    She told the new tools being rolled out are more sophisticated versions of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which also screen out candidates, “but this technology has people interviewing with a bot which can be very disconcerting.”

    Haller says most of today’s candidates are not skilled at interviewing with a bot, which is very different than having a discussion with another human.

    A “now hiring” sign is displayed on a shopfront on Oct. 21, 2022, in New York City. A recent survey found 43% of U.S. companies are either using AI interviews in their hiring process or plan to do so by next year. (Leonardo Munoz/VIEWpress / Getty Images)

    “Most managers in our survey agree that it will most likely eliminate candidates that a human or ATS may not, but seem to be using anyway in an effort to speed up the hiring process,” Haller explained. 

    She added, “Time will tell if this really accomplished the end goal of hiring the best candidates for the position or eliminates great candidates and moves forward more unqualified candidates resulting in turnover.”

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