This Microsoft-backed chatbot is gaining popuarity in India

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    There has been a craze for artificial intelligence powered chatbots ever since ChatGPT was launched in November last year. In fact, ChatGPT has been so popular that it crossed the 100 million daily active user mark in just two months, a figure that took much longer to reach popular social media apps like TikTok and Instagram.

    However, most of the Indian public could not access these popular chatbots due to the language barrier. In India, only about 11 percent of the population speaks the English language while about 57 percent of the population speaks Hindi.

    Since most government work is done in English, a large section of the Indian population, especially in the villages, has not had difficulty accessing government services.

    Microsoft-backed new AI chatbot Jugalbandi promises to make government services easily available to all Indians in their local language using just their mobile phones.

    In a blog post about Jugalbandi, Microsoft wrote, “A new generation of AI-powered chatbots on mobile devices for government assistance. It can understand queries in multiple languages, spoken or typed. It can respond to relevant programs.” Receives information about – usually written in English – and transmits it back in the local language.”

    “The Jugalbandi AI assistant is powered by the language model of AI4Bharat, a government-backed initiative, and the reasoning model of the Microsoft Azure OpenAI service. It is accessed through the mobile messaging system WhatsApp” the company further wrote

    While there is a lot of concern about the risks posed by Artificial Intelligence technologies, it is equally true that this new age technology can also solve many age-old problems like corruption, bribery and red tape.

    “The robot cannot throw our application in the dustbin, like a government official does when he is dissatisfied with the amount of the bribe,” the news agency said. Bloomberg A domestic worker participating in the trial of domestic workers is quoted as saying.


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