The collaborative approach to AI governance in Singapore

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    The development and deployment of AI technology presents both opportunities and challenges for society. Governments around the world have adopted varying approaches to addressing these challenges, with some opting for increased regulation and control over AI while others have taken a more collaborative stance.

    Singapore is one such country that has chosen to embrace a collaborative approach to AI governance. According to Lee Wan Sie, director for trusted AI and data at Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority, Singapore is ‘currently not looking at regulating AI’. Instead, the government has focused on promoting responsible AI practices through various initiatives and projects. One such initiative is the AI Verify project, which provides a toolkit for testing and documenting AI models. Additionally, the AI Verify Foundation serves as a global open-source community for discussing AI standards and best practices. Tech companies such as Google, Microsoft and IBM are among the members of the AI Verify Foundation.

    By working closely with industry, research organizations, and other governments, Singapore aims to learn from their experiences and insights and adapt to the changing needs and expectations of society. The provision of structured frameworks and testing toolkits for AI development and deployment is intended to encourage innovation and safety within the region.


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